Digital Comics

Super Hero Universe

A body donated to science, an experiment gone bad, a “humandroid©®™” with the powers of the sun; SolarFlare parted ways with the evil corporation that created her and fights on the side of justice.

An accident in a research lab, left Carl Simmons with skin scaled with diamonds, Growing and replaced like the teeth of a shark, Carl has an endless supply of diamonds and a nigh invulnerable hide. Using his new found wealth, he purchased investment properties in neglected areas, and in costume, fights crime to bring up the property values.

The vast multi-verse is collapsing, combining alternate realities into one. Can the heroes of the combined multi-verse find the cause and stop the destruction of countless realities?

When his estranged luchador father was killed by a crooked promoter, Motorcycle Officer Roy Rojas brought him to justice. But when the judges let him walk, Rojas dawned his fathers luchador mask, and went after the killers, not knowing the mask was enchanted and gave him powers.

Guardians of the High Frontier are from Earth Omega -19, and protect the solar system from evil doers from across the galaxy.

Horror Comics

A revisionist history of the Frankenstein Saga. When a fallen angel undertakes drastic measures to follow his forbidden love, unforeseen repercussions follow.

When Dominic decides to leave the mob, all hell breaks loose, literally, in the form of a zombie apocalypse. Now, in order to save the world, he must rescue his family, join up rednecks and gangland thugs, and defeat the Santiago cartel.

Nightwalkers tells the story of a couple lost in South Texas who discover something that should have been left alone. Met coldly by the unwelcoming locals, they soon find themselves facing danger in an abandoned town.
Based on the award winning short film

Kids Comics

Now available on webtoons, every Thursday!

Ben and his baby brother navigate life’s foibles. If you’ve ever put someone in time out, or if you’ve been in time out, this one’s for you. =D

Based on the award winning short film

Based on the award nominated animated short.