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A four issue limited series currently available in digital form only.

When a fallen angel undertakes drastic measures to follow his forbidden love, unforeseen repercussions follow.


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Issue One: Angel of Life

This story is a modern retelling of the Frankenstein Saga. In the mid-’80s, the Pope, visited by a stranger, hears a confession that will challenge his core beliefs.

Issue Two: Death is With Me

It all comes to a head when Yuri is confronted by the woman he loves, and receives a message from his brother Death.

Issue Three: A Part of Me

Thora’s life is ripped apart, as she’s thrust headlong into a world of gods and monsters. Yuri must deal with the consequences of his actions.

Issue Four: Family

In the final confrontation, Thora faces off with the fallen angel Tobael, and has to answer to her divine sons.

Meet the cast

The Bride of the Monster tells her tale.

Thora Becket

Thora ia Yuri's one and only love, and has been reincarnated hundreds of times. each incarnation does not remember the last. She knows why Yuri is stalking her and doesn't believe she's his long lost love, yet she can't seem to hate the monster.


Cast out of Heaven Tob-ael seeks to redeem himself by saving his brother, who has become a monster on earth. By saving his brother, he feels he can save himself.


Bored by his lot on this earthly plane, death seeks to amuse himself by rewriting the book of life, or passing his mantle to another.


Cast out of Heaven for daring to love a mortal woman, Yehudia aka Yuri is a fallen angel who was punished; his manhood removed for all eternity, with his one true love resurrected to live her life without him over and over again. Yuri is on a mission to restore his body by any means and to love his woman again.


Modern Era Superhero: Born in the first age of legendary heroes, the son of an Angel and his mortal bride, Sampson has reinvented himself time and time again to wage a war against evil.


Modern Era Superhero: Born in the first age of legendary heroes, the son of an Angel and his mortal bride, Nightbird has worked in the shadows throughout history to wage a war against evil. Using powers granted to him through his lineage, Nightbird works with others on occasion to reach his goals.

The legacies of Yehudia and Tob-ael