Comic News

Kidwise Arrives on Webtoons!

From the weekly on-line strip that appeared at bencogames.com. Mop Water Angels are not a thing follows the everyday adventures of Ben and his little brother.

Ben and his baby brother navigate life’s foibles. If you’ve ever put someone in time out, or if you’ve been in time out, this one’s for you. =D

Available for free on WebToon.

Award Winning Filmmaker Joins the Gimm Tales Team.

Multi-Award-winning filmmaker Bill Hass has joined the “Grimm Tales from Rainbow Falls.”
Hass was part of the original development team for the Rainbow Falls web series that died in development hell. Now that the project has seen revitalization with a horror novel and comic book in the works, Bill has rejoined the team with renewed enthusiasm.

Pre-Orders Available for "My Frankenstein

A revisionist history of the Frankenstein Saga. When a fallen angel undertakes drastic measures to follow his forbidden love, unforeseen repercussions follow.

This story is a modern retelling of the Frankenstein Saga. In the mid-’80s, the Pope, visited by a stranger, hears a confession that will challenge his core beliefs.

1 0f 4 digital comics now available for pre-order on amazon Kindle.

Rosales Entertainment Makes an Imprint.

Rosales Entertainment has made a mark in short films and animated shorts. After multiple wins, nominations, and honorary mentions, Rosales Entertainment/Animation breaks into print media with Rosales Comics. We will soon see various titles based on current intellectual properties and iconic public domain characters, such as Frankenstein. Release dates and schedules are TBD.